Grilling Steak

Steak preparation:

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  • Thaw the steaks thoroughly in the refrigerator. Place them on a plate because the vacuum pack may leak. Do not use the microwave for defrosting. It will have a tendency to precook the steaks.
  • If the steak has an edge of fat like a New York Strip Steak, cut the fat in two places. This will keep the steak from curling as it cooks.
  • Sprinkle at least some salt on each side of the steaks. Use salt and pepper to your taste.
  • Evaluate the steaks for thickness. Place the thicker steaks over the hottest part of the grill.
  • Fill a used ketchup bottle (or another squirt bottle) with water and have it available to douse any flames that may flare up.


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  • Watch the steaks and observe when the juices begin to appear on the top of the steaks. When the juices are coming out over the whole steak, it is ready to be turned over. Do not constantly turn the steaks. It is ideal if you only turn it once.
  • Be careful not to over cook your steak. Medium rare is ideal. Ground beef patties should be cooked thoroughly to insure safety, but steaks will not have any bacteria inside. If you want to see if the steaks are properly cooked, cut on the edge of the steak rather then in the middle.
  • If you are using barbecue sauce, spread it on the steak two minutes before you take the steak off the grill. Cook for one minute on the first side. Then spread the barbecue sauce on the second side and cook one more minute.