Why Raise Funds With Gourmet Entrees

Over the last 35 years our quality food products have been provided for over 400 organizations in Michigan. How many fund raisers continue to send you funds after the sale is over? Not many.

How many fund raisers will feed all of your organization and your supporters for free? Only one and that would be Gourmet Entrees.

Please allow us to help you to raise funds by cooking Prime Rib, Shrimp, Filets, Brats, Chicken, Ham, and Sweet treats for your whole group - no matter how large. Everyone is sure to enjoy all of the food and fun at what we like to call our Meat and Greet. You will have no fuss, no muss, and no cleanup. We take care of it all for you. Just Free Food, Fun, and Funds for your organization.

So call us ASAP so we can fire up our grills and fire up your funds at your first Meat and greet. Do not miss this event! Remember fine dining begins at home!

Bon Appetite

  • You will receive $10 for each box sold. If 200 supporters buys 1 box and sells 2 that would be 600 sales and raising $6,000 for your group! Your first sale will not be your biggest or best because the folks who purchase these items, especially two earner income families, will fall in love with the products and convenience and will look forward to the next time they can get more. Imagine your supporters asking you when you will be having your next fundraiser! Most organizations use this program 3-4 times a year. You can earn¬†BIG DOLLARS¬†with great food that our friends, family and supporters will love and want again and again. None of the boxes on the sell sheet run any more than $30.00 and non run less than $20.00 that is a minimum of 33% and a maximum of 50% profit for your group! Do not miss out on this great food at a great price and a great way to help raise funds! All of these products are individually vacuumed sealed and can be prepared from frozen and ready to eat within minutes.

  • Gourmet Entrees provides as many sales sheets as needed for your organization. These are custom made at no cost to you. The sales sheets includes the name of your organization, 12 sales items with pricing and date and time of product delivery.

  • All sales are paid for when the order is taken with check or cash. Gourmet Entrees will bring you a bill for your organization on the date of delivery.

  • Delivery will be determined by you prior to your group going out with your sales sheets. Delivery can be anytime after 7 days from the end of the sale. Only members can pick up the orders and it is their responsibility to deliver to those they sold to. Gourmet Entrees delivery person or persons are cheerful, organized, and will stay to make sure that product is properly distributed.