Gourmet Entrees unique gift giving and incentive programs have been very well accepted by a large number of corporations in Michigan and the Midwest area. We have outlined just a few reasons companies are choosing to use our programs and products.

  • Associates and clients perceive these products and programs with a greater dollar value than actual cost (based on volume orders). This tends to create a great amount of goodwill with associates and clients while maximizing your gift giving dollars and also minimizing your out of pocket cost.

  • These fine restaurant products are of much higher quality than the recipients are accustomed to receiving from their local grocer, FINE DINING BEGINS AT HOME!

  • All products are of the highest quality and convenience, great for two income families and delivered right to your door. Our menus also help to keep from duplicating gifts.

  • Associates and clients enjoy having input when making a selection of what they want for their Christmas gift or bonus, this process most often includes other family members.

  • As opposed to giving a 'standardized' gift (or the generic gift certificate, which the recipient may equate with their value to the company) you can provide your associates with something unique, and do so at the same (or lower) amount than you would have spent on a standardized gift. A selection of high quality gifts of steak, shrimp, pork, and chicken products - in a single selection or a menu format - will turn your gift giving program (which may be taken for granted at this time) into an event that all will enjoy! 

  • Over the last twenty five years our customers have become accustomed to a standard that is second to none! This is evident in the number of satisfied customers who repeat their orders on a monthly, quarterly, annual, and decade long basis! Please compare our quality and our prices to Omaha Steaks, and Amway. Be assured that, based on our track record with our satisfied clients, you can have the utmost confidence in us. One customer alone uses up to 2,000 units on a monthly basis, while others have received over 2,000 orders on an annual basis during the Holidays. Whatever your needs may be, we can meet them!

As always the food was first rate. And your service, your energy, and the personality you bring to your business are exceptional.
Regardless of how someone likes to cook your sirloin sizzlers or Black Angus top sirloins, the quality of your food and your personal service is always well done.

- Rick Aubry, Human Resources Manager, Dana Corporation

I am writing this letter to let you know that we have heard nothing but compliments from City of Rockford employees regarding the honey baked hams they received at Christmas. This was our first year to order honey baked hams from you and with the employees response that we received, I am sure we will be working with you for many years in the future.

Gab, I would also like you to know that it has been a pleasure to work with you throughout the year on your every other week visit to the City. The products you offer are excellent quality, and you have never let us down with your delivery service. Thanks Gab and take good care.

Christine M. Bedford, City Clerk, City of Rockford