Gourmet Entrees has been providing delicious and high quality restaurant boxed steaks, seafood, chicken, pork and vegetarian selections to corporations, individuals, families and businesses since 1975.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed*. Gourmet Entrees utilizes only U.S.D.A. inspected meat facilities. The federal government has rules and regulations that we are fully aware of and comply with. We have a Standard Sanitary Operational Procedure Program and a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program established and in effect continuously. All fresh meat is individually portion sized, hand trimmed and vacuum packaged before being flash frozen for lasting freshness. If you experience disappointment for any reason, please contact us within 60 days. We are here to serve you and invite you to contact us anytime. You may also call us at (616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678.
We at Gourmet Entrees have taken the utmost care in providing you with a quality product. We also have many years of experience in shipping frozen foods via parcel delivery services and have done everything possible to get your product to you frozen and wholesome. Unfortunately our experience has shown us, that in spite of our best efforts, things do not always work out. Therefore, we ask that if you have a concern, a complaint, or a request for return/refund, that you please read the following.
The best way to communicate your request is via e-mail. This gives both of us an automatic audit trail. For product and delivery concerns, send your email to gab@gourmetentrees.net. For web site functionality concerns, send your email to webmaster@gourmetentrees.net. We are also available via telephone at (616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678(616) 502-1678.
Please have the following information available each time you communicate with Gourmet Entrees regarding an order:
    Your name.
    Your e-mail address and/or telephone number.
    Your invoice number. (From the packing slip.)
    The UPS tracking number. (If available.)
Contact us as soon as possible. Long delays in contacting us regarding problems you have with your order will make it more difficult for us to address your concerns. Federal Express will only allow refunds if the request is filed within ten days of the ship date.
Product Condition
Gourmet Entrees guarantees that you will receive your order in a wholesome condition and that you will be satisfied with the products we send you. This is an unconditional, money back guarantee. Nevertheless, we hold the customer responsible for the proper receipt of the shipment. We guarantee all shipments unless the following conditions exist.
  1. The product shipment arrives within two days, but no one is there to receive the package and the contents thaw. Our delivery service personal are trained to leave orders at their destination without getting a signature, if they deem the area to be safe from stealing. We WILL NOT replace the product or compensate the customer for the loss of the product, if the customer receives the package after the date of delivery and it is thawed.
  2. The product shipment does not arrive in two days and is thawed due to incorrect address information supplied by the customer. We WILL NOT replace the product or compensate the customer for the loss of product in this case.
  3. The product shipment is identified as delivered by our delivery service, but the customer claims it was not delivered or lost. We WILL NOT replace the product or compensate the customer for the loss of product in this case.